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Dallas-Fort Worth Boudoir photography

Exceptional Boudoir in Dallas-Fort Worth

Celebrate The Skin
You Are In

Believe in your

Own Beauty.

Feel empowered to

Love who you are.

What can I expect?

Hair and Makeup Styling


Lay out outfits/accessories and discuss order of outfit changes


Photo session begins and includes guidance and coaching for body and facial expressions, using multiple backdrops and props.


Here’s what to expect during our time together!

Your Day of Session Flow

After-Photo Session

Two options available

Same Day Reveal & Ordering (30-45 minutes)

  • One hour break for lunch (1 hour)

  • Photographer performs retouching services on 70-100 of the best images from the session.

  • Reconvene at Studio to review images, choose favorites, see/touch/feel sample products, discuss the price list and place an order.

Reveal & Ordering Appointment One Week Later (30-45 minutes)

  • In person appointment with photographer to review images

  • Review images, choose favorites, see/touch/feel sample products, discuss the price list and place an order.

Read On

From The 
Photographer’s Lens

A view on life, self-love and the journey in front and behind the camera.

As featured in:

About Nivia.

My goal is simple. I want to give you the ability 
to see yourself
as I see you….                                                           

I’m here to help you overcome all the negative lies that you have been telling yourself and start loving and appreciating yourself as you are right at this moment. And let me just say, you can totally rock out a boudoir session! 

A special thank you to Keala Love, for my lovely portrait (seen above)


I’m sure you know by now

    that life is what you make of it,
        and from this moment on
           I want you to make it beautiful!

Let's Talk, Gorgeous!

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