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If you want a session between now and March 2022 --- GET IT NOW!!!

Link is live until all 20 spots are sold OR Tuesday, July 27th at 11:59pm CST

....Whichever comes first!

Good Luck Ladies!!


Pay $25 now to claim 1 of 20 spots available. You will be invoiced for the difference once we contact you.

EXAMPLE: If your age is 41 --- You pay $25 now, and we will invoice you for $16 later.

You are purchasing a full boudoir session that includes the following:

  • - Full Service Studio

  • - 3 Lingerie outfit changes

  • - Hair and makeup styling

  • - Professional coaching & directing for posing

  • - Client Closet access for outfits and props

  • - Access to all standard sets available

  • - Full magazine style image retouching on all images purchased

Albums, wall art, and/or digitals sold separately.

REQUIREMENTS: Pre-purchase of one of the following products:

1. Folio (2 Images), $799

2. Digitals Only (10 Images): $997

3. Album (15 images): $1799

4. Pinup Collection (25 Images, Album, Wall Art, Digitals): $3499

Payment Options:

1. Pay in full and receive an additional $50 discount.

2. Set up a payment plan. Max 5 payments. Session date must occur AFTER final pre-purchase payment made.

All payments automatically used to pay for a Nivia Hanson Portraits gift card. Gift cards are non-refundable.

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Pre-Sale for our Frist Christmas in July event opens in just 3 days!

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On Tuesday, July 27th, we are opening 10 spaces for our PAY YOUR AGE session fee, as well as a $100 product credit towards albums! That means you're getting a potential $500 off our entire studio experience!

It's our favorite time of the year, and we can't wait to spend it with you!

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Yes, it's official! You are braver than most and looking for a boudoir photographer is definitely a huge step and should not be taken lightly. This experience is not like family pictures in the park, and will take some vulnerability, courage, AND most importantly, positive energy on your part.

Your photographer can’t be just anyone, so let’s make sure you have the tools you need to weed out your choices!

If you want to feel prioritized, and RELAXED during the photo session because you're ready to invest in yourself to get it done RIGHT, then here are some tips to help you find a great photographer.

TIP #1 - Find out about the person behind the camera.

There are so many photographers that have boudoir experience under their belt, but knowing who is behind the camera is just as important as the experience they claim to have too. Even if they’re the best photographer around, if you don’t vibe with them or worse, feel uneasy, just imagine how awkward your photo session will be! Seeing how they conduct themselves (social media stalking is allowed) and what they share on their photography accounts will tell you the type of person they are.

You don’t want a talented photographer that isn’t body positive, this includes only photographing one type of person. Every woman deserves boudoir and you should be able to see yourself in the images they show to the world. A good boudoir photographer works with all body shapes, sizes, ages, comfort and experience levels. This will ensure you will have nothing but the best angles in photos and don’t have to worry about creating poses for yourself.

Doing a shoot like this is bold, but you should never feel an ounce of pressure from the photographer to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Feeling comfortable, having a fun and relaxed time, and not worrying about how you look during the shoot doesn’t just happen by mentally prepping yourself. Think about it, being half naked in front of a camera with a total stranger is daunting! Your photographer wanting to get to know you before anything else goes into motion will help you feel more at ease. Nothing screams louder than reviews! Look at the reviews, read what people are saying. Pay close attention to the message they are sending. Did they have fun? Did they feel relaxed? Are they happy with the end results? Was the photographer personable and professional? Get on those reviews gal!

They {your photographer} must be attentive, validate, and listen.

It bridges that gap between strangers and friendships and helps some of the walls to come down. So you instead can enjoy yourself and trust in them they will be sensitive to you, knowing what you’re about. Everyone has a story and why they want a boudoir, it can be more than just pretty photos, it can be a breakthrough in your life being documented.

Lastly, what kind of business do they run?

Are they a legit, legal tax-paying business with the proper licensing? This goes a long way toward professional credibility, and legitimacy, and it's worth noting who you're spending your money with for this experience.

TIP #2 - Get the details about the experience they provide.

Are you doing your own hair and make-up, and responsible for bringing your own outfits? Is it a quick session, or more of an all-day experience?

I believe that women should have this time to be pampered and treated like a queen, so personally offer a few different types of sessions, a full, a mini, and themed. This gives you the opportunity to choose what will work best for you and your needs, and come back for something different later!

Do they use natural or more dramatic lighting? The look and feel of your photos will vary greatly depending on this factor! Will your session have multiple setups or limited to just a few. Check out examples of their work that showcase both types.

Get the links to their photo galleries, and social media outlets to see what they post and what you can expect.

Where are they located? Some photographers hold sessions in stand alone studios and others have dedicated studio space in their homes for complete privacy. Make sure you are comfortable with the location and it fits your expectations.

Thinking about the security and privacy of your images after the session? Good point! A professional boudoir photographer will let you know upfront about their policy. I personally take this issue very seriously, and every client gets to choose if their photos are shared on my blog or social media for promotional purposes.

TIP #3 - What kind of products are offered AFTER the session?

Listen, you don’t want these photos just sitting on a disk for the rest of your life. You also don’t want to send them to your nearest CVS store for some random person to print and have access to. You need to have them professionally printed and feel proud to show them off! My studio is full service, so you get don't have to worry about the quality or your privacy when it comes to your images!

This is something many people don’t think of, but it is truly important and one of the things that separates a true professional from, those who are still working out the kinks. Full retouching of your images, to your level of comfort, should be a priority and any professional photography will discuss the degree of retouching offered. They will find out what level you are comfortable with seeing before and during the Reveal Appointment.

Leading into my last tip. Will you get an in-person Reveal Appointment, or just a gallery posted online to pick your images? Will it be the same day as the session or a few days or weeks later before you see your images? When you do see them, will they all be fully retouched so you see them as they will be delivered to you, or will you have to wait?

You, and maybe your granddaughter, will look back on these photos someday, and what a story they will tell. The story of a beautiful, courageous woman who embraced who she was and loved the skin she was in! Definitely take these tips to heart to ensure your session is one you won’t forget!

Still have questions, or would like to talk to me directly? Great!

Click THIS LINK to schedule a call and I'll gladly speak with you!

Enjoy the day!

XO - Nivia

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